World Heritage Voyages is specialized in wedding trips to Italy and especially in Tuscany and provide a vast choice of honeymoon destinations to provide the perfect backdrop before and after your wedding. World Heritage Voyages has years of experience in making the dream of a Tuscan wedding come true and give everybody a taste of the Dolce Vita. We will make sure that yours is the most special “I do”.

We offer a variety of wedding styles to any and all of your desires…


The composer Giacomo Puccini left  not only an important musical heritage to Italy and to the world, but also a cultural heritage and  a taste for edonistic life style or “vivere gaudiamente”, as he would have said   that is still alive today.
Puccini Weddings are th embodiement of these principles.  You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Belle Epoque , accompanied by the notes of most famous arias by  Giacomo Puccini played and sung by professionals of  “bel canto”. You will be blown away by the charm of the costumes, the magic of the  Villas and operatictheaters – ideal locations for your  ‘puccinano’  wedding- and you can evendive into the depths of the Italian gastronomic culture of the last century tasting  the favorite dishes of Maestro Puccini on your  menu!


Tuscany is known for its harmonious balancebetween beautiful art cities and charming medieval villages.
On this feature, unique in the world, we have created a very special type of trip which will give you the opportunity of getting married in a magical fully preservedcharm medieval village or in one of the many castles that have made the history of Tuscany and Italy.
We could set up and develop a route to walk the steps of our forefathers passing through the secluded medieval alleys until you reach the entrance of the castle, symbol of the power and magnificence of the Lords.
A wedding where luxury, glitz, history and culture will make the perfect setting for your special day..


Tuscany is art, culture, history, beauty, but is also one of the most famous locations in the world for the excellence of wine production.
Names like Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Bolgheri, Morellino di Scansano, Nobile di Montepulciano have become the epitome of the best product    in the world.
Our proposal is therefore addressed to all those who “breathe” wine, who are fascinated by this nectar of the Gods and wish for it to have a prominent feature in their wedding. The locations are designed to be let the guests be captured by   the charming excellence  of these wines: you can have your cerimony or your reception in the vineyards or even in the ancient cellars of the most famous wine producers in the world as well as, of course, tasting the very best of their production during the   gourmet dinner that will be served.


All marriages listed above as well as others that you can plan with us according to your needs, can be designed with a specific focus on gluten-free foods. Our catering service is very attentive to food for celiacs and will arrange a completely gluten free  meal for your reception. Our chefs believe that a haelthy gluten free meal should not compromise on taste and will be happy to give the gourmet experience you look forward to.

These are just some of the many wedding and honeymoon locations we are proud to suggest and many more can be added according to your specific needs and wishes Leave your details here; we will contact you  and find the ideal solution for your wedding and honeymoon

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