World Heritage Voyages brings a tailor made approach, attentive and meticulous, to the world of tourism that aims at proposing  new ideas to  travel away from the usual tourist routes. This  is the professional goal, achieved with passion and with a strong personal attitude, of Luca Menni and Riccardo Cecinini, different from each other but with important commonalities. First of all, Tuscany: not only the land that gave them their “passport” to  the world, but the source of their  taste for art and history,  which has become the trademark of all their travel ideas Then their love for archeology and the rediscovery of lost civilizations that blends with the attention towards contemporary art and architecture. , essential elements for  finding  always new travel destinations and extraordinary opportunities. Finally the love for good food, wine, attention to details and love for beauty in all its essential ingredients  found in all the proposed gourmet trips.

Luca, absorbed the charm of culture of his home town, Lucca, which, paired  with his business studies in art and tourism, led him to have a unique balance between the old and the new, , between  opera and design , contemporary architecture and fashion. His favourites, in fact,  are cultural trips.
If travelling is a life experience that leaves an everlasting mark, his approach to the construction of a tour is a labour of love, work of care, attention to detail and desire to always exceed expectations.
His motto is: “A journey is an investment in emotions and every holiday is a valuble memory to be cherished.”

Riccardo has inherited a  frank and generous nature and a tenacious and strong attitude from his birth place, Leghorn as well as a very personable approach to the client, never short of a smile.  His training in economics makes him always alert  in identifying the best travel destinations  in terms of costs and benefits.

The desire to explore the world has always caused him to  experience personally many of the proposed destinations of the tours.
Lately, his newly discovered passion for diving is giving him the opportunity to discover a new world: the one beneath the waves.
His motto is: “Let yourself be carried by the wind of the discovery. Discover the world. And if you were to imagine yourself in twenty years time, hope to see yourself happy for what you saw instead of  disappointed for what you have not done.


The World Heritage Voyages project bases all its offers, from wedding travel to gluten-free travel, from active and cultural holidays to food and wine tours, on the following pillars:

  • responsibility towards the traveler and the local hosting communities
  • sustainability of the resources of the planet
  • promotion of excellence, both in Italy and in the world

Traveling Responsibility

The strategic choice of maintaining a small size structure is a clear signal of our sense of responsibility; we contact all our suppliers of our packages directly and we know them personally , we stay in the rooms of the hotels we choose , we eat in the restaurants of our gourmet trips, and we test the adventure trails of our hiking trips around Italy and the world.
We remain your only refence for any further customization of your journey and for solving any doubt you may have.

Sustainability of resources.

Our trip ideas are sustainable, eco friendly and created in the utmost respect of the resources of your destination of choice..
That of World Heritage Voyages is an ethical approach, which safeguards the ecosystem of our destinations being that environmental, cultural, social, or economic.

The promotion of excellence.

Our task is to offer the best destinations and travel conditions to our clients, according to their desires and interests.
We address primarily all travelers who like cultural trips, wine and food tours and luxury travel trips.
For this reason we select exclusive locations, often outside of traditional commercial routes; with the same attention of the craftsman who can not overlook the smallest detail, we ensure that all the proposals that we present represent a unique product, designed specifically for our targeted audience.
That’s the reason why, among our travel ideas, you will not find just any destinations, but only those that we have personally experienced and that have left an indelible mark in our hearts.
The same fabulous locations that we are sure, once you are back from your the holiday, will make fantastic memories to share with your friends, family and colleagues.